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The Sex Death God: My Altar to Christopher Lee


News, Rumours, and Lust
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News, Rumours, and Lust

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This little section contains news and the like concerning Christopher Lee(yum) and DBY.

Read the latest scandal to hit the DBY camp and our beloved Christopher. *sigh*

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Christopher Lee is Gorgeous...


The following was received from:
titled "A Night With Chris"

One night, while hanging out with Chris, he
amazed me. We ended up at a Denny's after a show (What possesed us to do
that, i will never know)
Of course that was also when the club 'Roxy's" got out and some 'Hoochie'
chinese/japanese/black/indian/spanish/...(well...who the hell knows WHAT
these girls are anymore these days?) girls walked in. We were there first,
waiting for over ten minutes to be seated, when of course they seat the girls
who walked in later than we did. (I guess it was because those girls were
basically wearing shorts that entered their assholes, while we were just a
group of guys in messy makeup. This made Chris furious, and this led him to
do one of the funnies things in the world.
We Ran outside, as he cursed out the people who worked there, laughing our
asses off, and he follows us out. Chris then prceded to "whip it out" and
Ran up to the window, and ....SMACK!!!!!!
Chris SMACKED THE GLASS WITH HIS PENIS! Right where 2 guys were having a
late dinner!
2 People from The inside ran out so they could yell at us, but by that time
we were back in our vehicles and on our way to somewhere better to get food.

The End!



From what I've heard he's pretty big...

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!