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The Sex Death God: My Altar to Christopher Lee


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The Stalker...

Answers to your FAQ about Christopher Lee and my obsession.

Where to find facts on you know who...

Who is Christopher Lee?

Christopher Lee(babe), in this instance, is the guy who beats upon things with sticks in Death Becomes You.

Do you actually know Christopher Lee? and if so... Does he know you're stalking him?

Yes and he does now...

Why are you so obsessed with this guy?

THIS GUY?? THIS ISN'T JUST ANY GUY. THIS IS CHRISTOPHER LEE(sex kitten)! I think its pretty obvious why... he's gorgeous, he's smart, and he has the ability to make a lady wet herself just by winking at her.

Are you Christopher Lee's Girlfriend/Wife? If not do you know her and does she approve of this site?

No, I'm his stalker. She didn't approve of this website and now she's decaying in my trunk....DON'T TELL!

Are you Christopher Lee?

HAHA! NO... I'm his stalker. Didn't we already cover this? Christopher Lee is way too wonderful in every way, shape, and form to create a website for himself.

Who are you? Are you even female? Do you have a life of your own? What do you look like?

I'm Christopher Lee's(raw sex) Stalker. Yes, I am in fact female. No I don't have a life. All I do is sit around my Altar for Christopher Lee(oh baby) and chant. Thats Sarcasm. I have 3 eyes, a nose, mouths, and a tail.